Editing your book

Someone might buy your book, but will they read it?

Your cover will make people look at your book, your description will make them buy, and your formatting will make reading easy on the eye, but whether they love—or even finish—your story will be affected by the quality of your editing. Whether you need full developmental editing or just a top quality proofread, we can help.

There are essentially three types of edits: developmental edit, copy edit, and proofread. Tap on the title to see why you need them.

Developmental edit

Here an editor will be looking at your story. Are there plot-holes? Do you assume too much leaving the reader confused? Do certain characters or scenes need fleshing out more? Do you need to chop a whole chapter or two (or three), or maybe rewrite them?

You might hate your developmental editor at first. But take a deep breath, consider what she’s suggested, and go from there. Your story will be much better for it.

Copy edit

Where the developmental edit looks at your story, a copy edit is more critical of your writing itself. Do you overuse words? Is your writing passive? Does your sentence and paragraph structure make sense?

A good copy editor will help you become a better writer.


You might think a proofread just means checking for typos, but you’d be wrong. Grammar, punctuation, and typos are certainly part of a Proofreaders remit.

But she’ll also check for consistency in your writing. Is an object name capitalised in one place but not another? Are your ellipses used with the same spacing conventions throughout? What about your dashes?

A good quality proofread will give your book that final bit of shine it needs.

Need help with your editing?

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